Tishina Pettiford
Double Platinum Senior Vice President

banner-img"You can make excuses or you can make money but you can't do both" was a quote Tishina Pettiford lived by when starting her 5LINX business. She knew that in order to achieve her goals in life she would have to make some changes – changes that she felt would make her into a better person, "and then I could live each day by taking one step towards freedom," she says. "I never knew that following the so-called American Dream of completing college, getting a good job and owning a home would make me feel like a caged animal … as if someone was giving me just enough to survive."

Completing college at the University of Maryland – College Park was just the beginning for Tishina. After college, she went into the field of teaching. But she found that having a love for children wasn't enough to pay the bills. So Tishina decided to go into Corporate America. After watching her boss, who was about to retire, go through changes with the company, she decided that she didn't want that for herself. "I would lay my head down every night and pray for a better way," she says. "I thank God that He answers prayers and I was smart enough to know that 5LINX was the answer." Now she wakes up every day and she gets to decide where she spends her time.

Tishina's son Joshua is the reason why she's so passionate about this business. "I want him to have the things in life that I didn't, travel the world and expose him to a different way of living."

Instead of worrying about what everyone would say and being afraid of hearing the word "no" or "I'm not interested," Tishina made up her mind that one day she would be an SVP, and she accomplished that goal in 17 months. She often tells people, "Life is about choices. STOP spending all of your time in the areas of your life that you want to change; make short-term sacrifices for long-term goals and you too will reach your true potential."