About 5LINX University

The 5LINX University is the culmination of the desire of 5LINX to ensure that all representatives receive the same enhanced level of training and an incredibly lucrative compensation plan.

At 5LINX, we realize that all representatives stand a much better chance of success if given all the tools necessary to be successful. Among these tools are accurate and timely training and access to information. The 5LINX University provides both.

Through the 5LINX University representatives will be presented with pre-engineered training that is arranged in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also applicable to their specific level within the 5LINX compensation plan. This style of training is also helpful in ensuring that all representatives are setup for success at each level of their journey to success. As such, all representatives ability and desire to effectively and accurately complete the training modules will be directly tied to their compensation within 5LINX.

The University offers six (6) separate training modules. Five (5) of these modules are designed to give representatives the knowledge they need to move from one level of the 5LINX compensation plan to the next. The sixth module is dedicated to the enhanced training of all of the 5LINX products and services as well as training regarding the direct marketing industry.

As in all things 5LINX always seeks to put the representatives first. The 5LINX University is the most tangible manifestation of this goal.

Don't wait, view the life changing information contained in the University today!